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Ile Odidere
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in William Longbottom's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
11:51 am
Late Saturday Evening
What an exhausting day. The train trip took allday, and the concessions cart had nothing but sweets and that dreadful Pumpkin Juice. As much pumpkin as they drink, and eat, it’s a wonder that Oshun hasn’t turned her back entirely on wizarding society. She obviously hasn’t though, or there would be no children at all to teach.

Fairly nice young Men and Women, from what I have seen so far. The older students were, apparently allowed to visit the town today, and several were on hand to welcome me, and help load my baggage onto the carriage. They seemed a bit surprised when I sent the carriage ahead to the school and asked if I might walk with them back with them. Honestly, I was still so motion sick from the trip that I couldn’t stand to get onto another lurching, swaying, bouncing conveyance.

I needed the fresh air.

They were kind enough to tell me a bit about the town, and the school as we walked. It seems to be a truly fascinating place. One girl told me that the woods near the school contain a colony of centaurs- she went on about it for quite some time- she seems quite intent on studying the centaurs, and I believe she wants me to act as ‘advisor’ for her study. We shall see. It would be rather presumptuous of me to start any such study too soon after my arrival, even if the centaur theories on synchronicity between various divination formsare indeed fascinating.

I was, as I predicted, given quarters and classroom space in the Dungeons. Most of the divination equipment is still up in some tower, which I shall have to find, and have moved. All my own things seem to have arrived without problems, and I have unpacked enough to be comfortable tonight.

I think I shall go have a chat with the house elves before I sleep.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, June 30th, 2003
11:18 am
Friday the 13th
For a day of Ill omen, this has been remarkably good!
Maferefun Ellegua!
I got the job at Hogwarts! I hardly dared think I had a chance!

I'll be moving in this weekend. I must feed Ellegua a rooster before I leave, in thanks, and to see that things go smoothly during the journey.

Will catch the Saturday train and Owl ahead to see if someone can meet me at the station to help with luggage.

Perhaps some of the students will be as eager to meet me as I am them. It has been so long since I have been in a proper school.
I wonder if Hogwarts will be anything like the Cabildos De Los Orishas were? Whre in this English school would a child of Ellegua be at home?

We got into so much trouble when I was a student. As a new staffmember, I must be sure to put extra wards on my quarters to make sure any pranksters truly have to earn their way into my quarters. I'll have Bolsillo make up a big basket of Guava pastries and pack plenty of coco and pina sodas for any unexpected visitors.

Note; Ask Bosillo to copy out all my favorite recipes for the house elves at Hogwarts. Life without Picadillo, Moros, Lechon Asado, Chivas, Flan and Tres Leches is simply to grim to contemplate.

Current Mood: jubilant
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
12:45 pm
Tuesday November tenth
Had a most interesting interview yesterday. The Headmaster seems a bit distant and distracted, but I can hardly blame him for that; The pressure from the ministry and the stress of maintaining the schools defenses would wear on anyone.

The Deputy is quite a character too. I believe I impressed him with my knowledge of some of the more obscure practices, but he had me stumped when he asked about divining with socks.
I'm still not quite sure if he was joking.

The castle that houses the school is enormous, and appears to be quite troublesome to deal with. Students apparently get lost in it regularly. Sounds just a little too convenient to me.
I was escorted out of the castle by the Charms Instructor one Professor Chattox. I did my best to be pleasant, but she all but bit my head off for my efforts. What a shrew.
I just hope she doesn't have too much say in hiring- I do believe she took an instant dislike to me for some unfathomable reason.

I told the headmaster I would be willing to start immediately. I hope I didn't sound too eager. The castle, and what little of the staff I met are causing me to have some second thoughts.


Current Mood: optimistic
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